Italeri 6039 Dutch-Polish Lancers 1805 1815

Dutch-Polish Lancers 1805 1815 - Image 1
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The First Regiment of Light Cavalry-Lancers of the Imperial Guard (fr. 1er regiment de chevau-legers lanciers polonais de la Garde imperiale) was established in 1807 under Napoleon's decree signed in Kamieniec Suski. The place of formation of the regiment was the Mirów Barracks in Warsaw, and the process of forming the unit was completed in March 1808. It is worth adding that from the very beginning the regiment was of an elite character, and only volunteers, most often of noble origin, were admitted to its ranks. The regiment initially consisted of two squadrons, each of which was divided into two full-time companies - 125 people each. However, the number of squadrons increased relatively quickly. The basic armament of the regiment were the initial Prussian sabers of poor quality, which in 1809 were exchanged for French AN IX sabers. At the turn of 1809/1810, the regiment's soldiers received lances with white and red pennants. The additional weapons were bachelor rifles - initially Prussian, with time replaced by the French AN IX rifles. In addition, the cavalry had pistols in olders - initially also Prussian captured, and with time French AN IX and AN XII. The uniform of the formation consisted of the Kursk uniform "Polish cut" and tight pants in navy blue and red (crimson) colors. The uniform was completed with a characteristic, tall, square cap with a brass plate decorated with the letter "N". Undoubtedly, the First Cavalry-Lancers Regiment of the Imperial Guard was one of the best Polish cavalry formations during the Napoleonic Wars, and perhaps in the 19th and 20th centuries in general. He became famous for his legendary charge at Somosierra (1808), he also fought successfully at Essling and Wagram (1809). During the Russian campaign of 1812, they fought near Vilnius and Mogilev. Ma³ojaros³awiec or Smoleñsk. They, too, were Napoleon's escort when he left the Great Army in Smorgon. The regiment also fought in the campaigns of 1813-1815.

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