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Alpini are selected Italian light infantry units designed to operate in the mountains. The unit was formed in October 1872 and is still used by the Italian army. Thus, they are now the oldest mountain infantry formation in the world! Alpini were first used in combat in 1888. During World War I, this formation consisted of a maximum of 62 battalions and was intensively used in the battles with Austria-Hungary in north-eastern Italy. Before the outbreak of World War II, Alpini units were reorganized and their divisions were created - six in number. Each such division consisted of two infantry regiments, each of which consisted of three battalions. In addition, there were light artillery units, logistic, sapper and support units. In total, a single Alpini division numbered approximately 17,500 people. In addition, there were about 5,000 mules as draft animals and about 500 motor vehicles. Alpini units were used on a large scale during the fighting in France (1940), in North Africa (1940-1943), in the Balkans in 1941, but also on the Eastern Front and during the fighting in Italy, most often against the German army and cooperating with the Allies - including the II Corps of the Polish Armed Forces.

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