Italeri 7025 M6 Anti Tank Vehicle

M6 Anti Tank Vehicle - Image 1
Масштаб: 1:72
Виробник: Italeri
Код товару: ita7025
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Код товаруita7025
Вага0.10 kg
Розмір6,5 cm
Додано до каталогу:30.10.2004

The Dodge WC-55 (another designation: Gun Motor Carriage M6) is a de facto American light self-propelled anti-tank gun from the Second World War. The first prototype examples of this vehicle appeared in 1941, and serial production lasted only in 1942. About 5,400 vehicles of this type were produced during this process. The drive was provided by a single engine Dodge T-214 with 92 hp. The car was 4.52 meters long and 2.24 meters wide. The armament consisted of a single 37mm M3A1 anti-tank gun.

The Dodge WC-55 was developed to increase the mobility of American anti-tank weapons and was, in theory, intended to destroy enemy tanks and support direct fire against own infantry. In order to shorten the research and development work, it was decided to use the Dodge WC-52 car, which was specially adapted to the assembly of the M3A1 cannon. While the car itself performed well in the field, even with the gun installed, the theoretical assumptions for the use of the WC-55 turned out to be completely wrong. The car turned out to be equipped with a much too weak anti-tank gun, and its crew was deprived of almost any armored cover. For this reason, the WC-55 was used in a limited way by the US Army in 1942-1945, for example during the campaign in Italy (1943-1945) fighting in Normandy (1944) or during the war in the Pacific (1942-1944) ). It is worth adding that already in 1943 many vehicles of this type were converted back to the WC-52 standard. WC-55 vehicles were also used by the Free French Forces.

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Додано до каталогу: 30.10.2004
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