Heller 80442 Space Station MIR Kit

Масштаб: 1:125
Виробник: Heller
Код товару: hlr80442
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Код товаруhlr80442
Додано до каталогу:30.10.2004

Mir (Russian: Peace) is a Soviet space station from the post-war and modern times. It was launched into space in February 1986 and returned to Earth in March 2001. In total, it spent 5,511 days in orbit around the Earth. The total mass of the station was about 124 tons, and the volume of its hermetized rooms was 350 m3. The Mir space station was a logical development and continuation of the series of Salyut orbital stations that were launched into space in the 1970s and 1980s. However, unlike them, Mir was constructed from several modules and served only for scientific purposes. Initially, it was operated and built only by the USSR and countries cooperating with it in the Intercosmos program, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, cosmonauts from other countries - mainly the USA, also began to fly to the station. The station was built of several modules, including: the base one called DOS or the scientific ones (Kwant, Krista³³ or Spiektr). The Mir space station is one of the greatest achievements of Soviet Russian cosmonautics, and for many years was the only functioning orbital station in space.

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Додано до каталогу: 30.10.2004
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